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"Televisão a cabo continua a melhor opção."

Translation:Cable television is still the best option.

October 24, 2013



To me the English translation is weird. I think it needs to say something like "Cable television continues TO BE the best option" or Cable television continues as the best option"


As cloudhorizon says, although your translations have a more literal feel, the meaning of "continues to be" is simply "is still". This link has a few more examples of sentences using "continuar" and when appropriate (as in this case) "still" is used in the translations: http://pt.bab.la/dicionario/portugues-ingles/continuar.


Thanks, very helpful.


I think that's a more literal translation, yeah. But in my opinion the English sentence sounds perfectly fine. I think that's what most people would say too when speaking to others.


What about Cable television is still the better option ?


Na minha humilde opinião, não há televisão a cabo, mas, televisão POR cabo...


Is that how it is said in Portugal, oliveiracilhas?


Is this also a good translation:"Televisão a cabo AINDA é a melhor opção".


I wanted to say "continua a ser ..." Am i wrong?


It's also right, as well as "sendo".


Is it the positioning that distinguishes "better" from "best"? i.e., "the better option" = "a opção melhor"


I would say it is actually the difference between "a melhor" and simply "melhor":

For this sentence to be translated with "better", for example, it would have to be something like "Televisão a cabo continua (sendo) uma opção melhor"... or "...uma das melhores opções" (one of the better options). The "uma" is not always necessary: "TV a cabo é melhor" (cable TV is better). I hope this answers your question. =]


Tv and televisión is the same, you also need to learn


2020 I put "Cable television is still the better choice", as that is how I would phrase that sentence in English. I wonder if Duo would have let me getaway with "choice", if I had put "best" not "better"...

  1. Yes Duo accepted "choice" when I put "best" instead of "better" :-)


"7 years ago" How things have changed.


Continua a melhor Is there a form of to be missing here ? like continua a ser a or something similar ? The translation to english would be continues the best and it should be continues to be the best IMHO


I asked the same question (sort of) above. Paulenrique answered that "continua a ser" or "continua sendo" are also right.

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