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Noche vs Night

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I was wondering whether the Spanish noche is an exact translation of night or if it's covering a larger, or smaller, amount of time. For example, the word natt (night) in my native language (Swedish) only covers the hours when you are supposed to be asleep, while the English one can be used about the evening as well. So what about noche?

3 years ago


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This is what noche mean.

  • f. Periodo de tiempo comprendido entre la puesta y la salida del Sol.
  • Oscuridad que caracteriza a este intervalo de tiempo
  • Tiempo que se dedica a dormir y que coincide aproximadamente con este intervalo de tiempo

Noche does cover a larger period of time, but it also can mean more. It is also synonymous with oscuridad (darkness), tinieblas (darkness, ignorance), crep├║sculo (dusk, twilight), tenebrosidad (darkness, gloominess), sombras (shadows). I suggest checking out how the word is often used in context. I've only seen it used to mean night.

I love that word natt.

3 years ago


"noche" can also mean both evening and night.

3 years ago


It might be regional. In Spain, I've heard Buenas Tardes (good afternoon) well into the evening, and possibly as late 10pm at night. It might be different in other areas as this seemed surprising to me. I've heard Buenas Noches mostly to mean good night (as in I'm going to sleep now), but you may be able to use it to mean good evening in some places.

Similar to other postings, my Spanish dictionary has two definitions for noche (translated):

  1. The period of time between when the sun goes down and sun goes up.

  2. The period of time when you are asleep (and it's dark).

Tarde is defined as the period of time between Noon and when the sun goes down. In some places, the sun goes down quite late during certain times of the year.

In English (at least in my area), afternoon ends at 6pm, and evening starts after that.

3 years ago