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"Everyone has a different mother."

Translation:Jeder hat eine andere Mutter.

January 1, 2013



Used Jedes for everyone, but still don't know why it's incorrect.


There is a very special context in which "Jedes" would be correct. If you are speaking about a specific group of persons, especially children, known to you and your interlocutor you could use neuter "jedes" to indicate that you mean both male and female persons. It is so rare, that I agree with faulting the translation. On the other hand, the suggested form "Jeder" implies two contexts: 1- Every person meant is male, 2- The phrase has a nearly impersonal meaning where "jeder" gets near to the meaning anybody.


Why is 'alles' not appropriate in this context?


"Alles" is used for things, not persons. "Alle" (plur) can be used for persons.

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