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How do I know when to use bon, bonne or bien?

May 23, 2012



Bon (masculine) /bonne (feminine) are adjectives, and they mean "Good". They're used before a noun when describing the goodness of things. Examples: Le bon crayon - The good pencil / La bonne femme - The good woman. There's also "Le crayon est bon", vice versa. These are one of a few exceptions to the adjective rule that states adjectives come after the noun. Bien is an adverb (used to describe how a verb is doing, like 'gently' or w/e.), meaning "Well". Examples: Ça va bien. - It's going well.


Thank you for this thoughtful answer!


It's all clear now...thank you!


This is a superb answer - Hope next time I ask a question, it will be you that answers. Discriptive, plain and understandable, what more could one wish for. Thank you !


If anyone here has also studied Spanish, it´s the same deal as bueno, buena, and bien.


No lo había visto de ese modo. Gracias.


Correcto, es muy parecido en el español.


salut! parlez-vous francais?


@doctorturkelton: to add to your explanation, 'bien' is both an adverb and a masculine noun.


Bon and bonne are adjectives, and bien is an adverb. Bon is used to describe masculine nouns (bon homme, bon vin, etc). Bonne is used to describe feminine nouns (bonne fille, bonne pomme, etc). Bien is used to describe a verb (Il chante bien, Je danse bien, etc).


It's really wonderful to have you guys here....


Aaah and just to get everybody lost : the extra meanings ! Le bon (noun) = the good man (as in the good, the bad and the ugly) La bonne (noun) = the maid (french maid :) )


Bon is masculin and bonne is feminine This website,http://french.about.com/od/grammar/a/nouns_3.htm, explains the differences of masculin in general. For bien vs bon, this will help,http://french.about.com/library/weekly/aa122200.htm. The best way to really internalise this is to practice and to read more french. I hope this would help.


'Bon' et 'Bonne' sont des adjectifs, generalement. Le premier est masculin, et la deuxieme est feminin. 'Bien' est un adverbe, et derriere les verbes (generalement).

Adjectif du masculin: Le bon(s) homme(s). / Le homme(s) est/(sont) bon(s)

Adjectif du feminin: Le bonne(s) femme(s). / Le homme(s) est/sont bonne(s)

Adverbe: Ca va bien? Je vais bien, merci.


That was such a simple explanation ceciliarrrg!! Thanks!


bon is masculine and modifies a noun, bonne is feminine and modifies a noun. bien is an adverb and modifies a verb.


BON is masculin and BONNE is feminine. It can be a little bit difficult to tell whether a word is M/F but it will come with time.


Think of the difference between 'good' and 'well' to determine if you need to use Bon(ne) or Bien. Bon/Bonne are the masculine/feminine of 'good' while bien is an adverb like 'well.' When to use bon/bonne simply comes from whether the noun is masculine or feminine.


'Bon' is used with masculine cases, 'bonne' is used with feminine cases, and 'bien' is used to describe verbs. 'Bon' and 'bonne' are adjectives, whereas 'bien' is an adverb.


Bon(ne) are adjectives. Bon is masculine and bonne is feminine. Bien is an adverb.


Bon (masculine) /bonne (feminine) are adjectives, and they mean "Good".


Je suis un bon étudiant ou Je suis bon étudiant which one is correct?


Je suis UN bon etudiant. It's just like that in English. I am A good student.


I agree because you do not use an article with etudiant/etudiante because it is not considered a occupation. Unlike, doctor ("medecin") you have to say "Je suis medecin(e)"


Both correct, different meaning.


Same way you use "good" and "well" in English, except adjectives are conjugated for masculine and feminine. If you know how to use adjectives and adverbs in English, this should make sense.


Bien = if some thing such as a candy is good you would use it but if you were to say good night it would be Bon (masculine) or Bonne (feminine)


Bon and Bonne both mean "good". However bon is for masculine objects while bonne is used for feminine objects. Bien means "well", so to be more polite, you would use bien for feelings and such and use bon/bonne to describe objects


Makes sense to me! Merci


what is the difference between "rouges" or "rouge"(my spelling might be incorrect )?


Feminine or masculine


bon and bonne are adjectives used for masculine and feminine noun respectively while bien is adverb and only used with a verb

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