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"Bu benim şapkam, kendi şapkanı tak!"

Translation:This is my hat, wear your own hat!

August 19, 2015


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Can you say kendiyi tak to just mean "wear your own"?


"Kendininkini tak."

In Turkish, the suffix "-ki" can be used to replace the object that is mentioned in the previous sentences in order to avoid repetation.

Benimki → my (hat)

Seninki → your (hat)

Onunki → his/her/its (hat)

Bizimki → our (hat)

Sizinki → your (hat)

Onlarınki → their (hat)

Kendiminki → my own (hat)

Kendininki → your own (hat)

Kendisininki → his/her/its own (hat)

Kendimizinki → our own (hat)

Kendinizinki → your own (hat)

Kendilerininki →their own (hat)


Why not just şapkaN (your hat)? Why is there an -ı?


Because it's the object of "tak", so it's in the accusative case.

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