"Jeg må vaske huset på søndag."

Translation:I need to clean the house on Sunday.

August 19, 2015

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In English, "clean the house" normally refers to tidying up the inside of the house, while "wash the house" implies washing the outside walls. Does the Norwegian sentence mean just one of these, or could it be either?


Could mean both, but it is more likely to mean the inside of the house.


Can not imagine that it will mean clean the outside of the house unless Norway has changed. Don't even hang your washing out to dry on Sunday


Do we pronounce the g in søndag?


That's mainly dialect dependent.

Most people would also lean towards pronouncing the 'g' in "official" settings or whenever they feel the need to sound extra proper, even if they usually wouldn't.


takk for svaret ditt


I decided to try to construct a sentence similar to this, amusingly enough, on Sunday. Now I see this sentence again and wonder if I did it wrong: "Hver søndag jeg rene huset og vask klærne mitt."

How badly did I do? I wanted to say "do my laundry" for the second part, but we haven't gotten that word (laundry)....yet. (and, yes, that is my usual Sunday)

  • 'rene' is an adjective and not a verb. To mean 'to clean', you could use the verb å rengjøre.

  • 'vask' is a noun. The verb is å vaske

  • Remember to use the correct tense of each verb (in this case, the present tense) so 'å rengjøre' would be 'rengjør' and 'å vaske' would be 'vasker'

  • Because of the V2 Rule, remember to invert the subject and verb following a subordinate clause

So the sentence would be; Hver søndag, rengjør jeg huset og vasker klærne (*mitt)

*mitt can often be omitted if it's clear what you're talking about


So, since we haven't yet been given the word "rengjøre" what could I have said alternatively to mean the same thing? Anything? Thanks for the clarification on the other words. I have trouble remembering tense in Norsk.


You could also say å gjøre rent, which is the phrasal verb equivalent of 'å rengjøre'.

Perhaps also å rense, although I believe this is more like 'to cleanse' which might not work in this context


Duo, you read my mind. This is what I've been doing today, Sunday.

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