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"My brother-in-law loves food."

Translation:Svogeren min elsker mat.

August 19, 2015



Why do you need 'min' here and not when you are for example talking about your mother-in-law


The omission of possessives is mostly done with relatives you're expected to have only one of; mor, far, mamma, pappa, svigermor, svigerfar, mormor, morfar, farmor, farfar, bestemor, bestefar.

If you have only one aunt or uncle, it's fine to refer to them as just 'onkel' and 'tante', with no possessive, but if you have more than one then it's customary to add their name: onkel Per, tante Kari, etc. to avoid confusion. Still no possessive needed.

For siblings, brothers/sisters-in-law, and cousins possessives are used.


Just noticed these little commentaries , and its a total game-changer. I was looking everything up on google everytime I had a querie, and it was gruelling. Thank you so much. ( You seem to be one who is most actively answering questions ) . Takk norsk-lærer min :) .


And she has a cute name too. I suspect "deliciae" is an affectionate Latin word for "darling". I seem to remember it's in a Catullus poem.


I can't tell the exact pronunciation of "svogeren". Do they say 'svogarn?

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