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New to spanish...

I am new to spanish and have no idea what to do, any good advice to learn all of the information?

3 years ago


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Practice, repeat, practice, repeat.

Hover over the words that you don't know. Take time to ponder that some of them have multiple meanings, and you have to figure out which meaning a word has from context. Just like in English. What does it mean is different from someone who is mean.

Read the tips and hints at the bottom of the first lessons. Think about what they say. Mull it over.

Read the sentence discussions.

Don't be afraid to ask for help or to consult outside resources.
wordreference.com is a great dictionary.
SpanishDict.com has a great translator and a great grammar section.
Spanish.about.com is hard for me to navigate but when I google something, if I see this site in the search results, it's the first link I click on.

Slow and steady wins the language learning race.

3 years ago

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Very sound advice here. The Duolingo wiki is another great resource for reference.

3 years ago

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. . . in addition to what Lrtward said,

It will be fun, rewarding, frustrating, difficult, fulfilling and some times confusing don't worry. Take a deep breath and relax. Find other resources that interests you. I'm not a huge fan of Peppa Pig but my son enjoys that program. Oddly I discovered watching and enjoying Peppa Pig in Spanish quite fun. I think it is better in French, but for now I'll just focus en espaƱol.

YouTube (or Netflix, Hulu, etc.) is your BEST FRIEND . . . well at least, mi mejor amigo.

3 years ago

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I have to agree with Lrtward...translators can be your friend in the beginning when you are just starting out. Google translate will even pronounce the words if you click on the little speaker icon.


3 years ago


If you have a smartphone, download the duolingo app. You'll find yourself practicing all of the time that way. As much as I enjoy the duolingo website, I find myself using the phone app way more often. The only complaint I have about the app is that you receive 10 points per lesson instead of the 3 points you get from the website. Keep on practicing :)

3 years ago


thanks for all of the helpful hints i will surely try them all out!

3 years ago

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Practice daily!

3 years ago