Hi, is this the right place to suggest features?

I'm italian and I'm studying English and Spanish. Sadly the spanish course is not (yet) in Italian so I have to switch every time in the settings and this is boring.

Is it possible to have the list of my courses in the language drop-down menu (next to the user menu, in the header), even if the "from-language" is different?


August 19, 2015


No, that is not possible. But you don't have to go into the settings. You find the list too, when you click on the flag top left from the language tree.

August 19, 2015

You could get the Duolingo Language Course Switcher:

More userscripts here:

August 19, 2015

Sorry, I didn't said that I have this problem in the mobile app!

September 7, 2015
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