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"Vi ankommer med tog tidligt om morgenen i morgen."

Translation:We will arrive by train early in the morning tomorrow.

August 19, 2015



I put "we will arrive by train tomorrow early in the morning" instead of "We will arrive by train early in the morning tomorrow." and got incorrect.

Doesn't it sound better?


"early tomorrow morning" accepteres.


Kan man skrive "i morgen tidligt" på dansk? Dette udtryk bruges i norsk.


I translate into idiomatic American English. There is nothing wrong with my answer. Will is unnecessary because there is a reference to the future, so it is understood. We have no rules for the placement of idioms of time either.


Here is a god example of how mistakes happen in this DUO course (there are, elas, many of the kind). The word... tog... (train) shall be pronounced like... tåg (in Danish). But DUO uses the word... tog (past tense of the word to take, at tage) instead. Thus, the same written word, but with different meanings, and different pronunciations.

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