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  5. "Neden hiç ışık yok?"

"Neden hiç ışık yok?"

Translation:Why is there no light?

August 19, 2015



Why is "hiç " necessary here? Is "neden ışık yok " correct?


Hiç-any / There is no light-Işık yok / There isn't any light-Hiç ışık yok


So I think your suggestion is more approperiate


"Why isn't there any light" was marked wrong. Is this just a missing translation?


Kinda late but I'll reply for future learners.

Since 'hiç' means 'none/not at all/not any' your answer should be accepted but the mods have shown that they are not maintaining this course anymore - at least not in the comments.

'Yok' is the opposite of 'var' and 'var' means 'something exists/is there'. Therefore 'yok' means 'something doesn't exist/is not there'.

Neden ışık yok? = Why is there no light?

Neden hiç ışık yok? = Why is there no light at all? (my translation hasn't been accepted either - 22.10.2020)

As a native Turkish speaker it saddens me that the state of this course is demotivating people instead of encouraging them. That way many people will only quit Turkish and not learn it :(

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