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  5. "Do we need newspapers?"

"Do we need newspapers?"

Translation:An dteastaíonn nuachtáin uainn?

August 19, 2015



What's wrong with "an bhfuil nuachtáin uainn"?


That would be "Do we want newspapers?" ...I think...


But I think I've been seeing this wording as either "want" or "need". Am I wrong?


Duolingo is a bit relaxed on this point - it will usually accept want or need for this construction. The NEID entries for both need and want both include this structure.

Some dialects are stricter on the difference, I believe.


OK, it seems they're a little inconsistent. Love your profile pic, by the way. We have friends in Northern Ireland, and we always get those in our Christmas package :-)


Tayto in Northern Ireland is actually made by a different company than Tayto in the Republic (the original Tayto).

Make mine Red! :-)


I believe you are correct. Thanks.


I gave the same thing. I keep forgetting that it's the other one....An dteastaíonn.....


Why is the "an" needed? Sorry if this is obvious, but my brain is tired. (It was worse yesterday.)


an and the eclipse (the d in front of t) is what marks this as a question


thanks again, galaxyrocker.


A couple of sentences ago I put uainn at the end and it was marked wrong because apparently I should have put it after the teastaíonn. This time I got it wrong because I put it after the teastaíonn. Which is it?


Bear in mind that teastaíonn X ó Y actually means "X is wanted by Y" (X is the subject of the verb teastaigh), but it is usually translated as "Y wants/needs X" (Y is the subject of the verb "want").

When you say "We want (verb)", that verb is your X. But a verb can't be the subject of another verb, so when you try to say "We want to listen to the girl", you can't say teastaíonn (verb) uainn, and the verb is moved after the preposition - Tá uainn éisteacht leis an gcailín.


Set the words in the right order and this app replied that it was wrong?... Something doesn't work.


Might be a silly question, but why does this sentence not require an ó before uainn?


uainn is the first person plural form of ó, as againn is the first person plural form of ag, linn for le, fúinn for faoi, etc


It doesn't like "an dteastaionn uain nuachtáin"....


You're right, Irish doesn't like "an dteastaionn uain nuachtáin" because "uain" can't be the subject of the verb teastaigh.

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