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"Will you change your clothes before the concert tonight?"

Translation:An athróidh tú d'éadaí roimh an gceolchoirm anocht?

August 19, 2015



I see that in this question, the answer containing "d'éadaí" and "do chuid éadaí" were both marked correct. I have no problem with this per se, but why is it that when you're translating similar sentences into Irish elsewhere on Duolingo that you will be marked incorrect for not using "cuid?"


Because it's a mistake. d'éadaí is incorrect


Excellent! Now I know I'm not going mad.


Thanks, I was bothered by this in a vague way but my first run-through of the lesson I was too busy to check the comments.

However, unlike saucysalmon55, I am of course quite mad. ;^)


I also know why "cuid" is used and agree with it entirely, I just didn't think that answers without it would be accepted.


I was expecting to see "do chuid" used in this sentence. Also the first time I've seen " an Athróir " used in this course and does the spelling of GCeolchoirm include both lenition and eclipsis and finally is it ceolchoirm or coirmcheol?

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