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"I eat with my parents on the way."

Translation:Ithim le mo thuismitheoirí ar an mbealach.

August 19, 2015



I accidentally typed "Ithim mo thuismitheoirí ar an mbealach" instead of "Ithim le mo thuismitheoirí ar an mbealach"... How do you say "cannibal" in Irish?


Déirtear 'canablach'... ach is duine dána thú! Ná bí ag ith do theaghleach! That's what pushy phone scammers are for! smh ;-) X-D


This means literally on the way/road, not the idiomatic meaning of in the middle of a journey, right?


No, the English idiomatic meaning is also used in Irish (just as en chemin is used in French, unterwegs in German, etc.).

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