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"You will not win the award because you lost your money."

Translation:Ní bhuafaidh sibh an gradam mar chaill sibh bhur n-airgead.

August 19, 2015



I've mentioned this on another similar post but shouldn't it be "bhur gcuid" and "do chuid" in this context?


I'm still having trouble with understanding the use of cuid, especially in regards to money. In a hypothetical situation where a person loses ALL of their money, would it still be necessary for that idea to be translated into Irish as "your portion of money?" (I.e., is it necessary to still describe the entirety of a sum as a "portion" of that sum?)


It's not a "portion of that sum", it's their portion of all the money in the world.

I don't find it particularly useful to think of cuid as "portion" - mo chuid gruaige - "my hair", seanchara de mo chuid - "an old friend of mine", léiriúchán de chuid RTÉ - "an RTÉ production" are all examples of cuid that just don't relate to "portion" in any way.


In the game of 'Don't Lose Your Money'. You know the one.


I am completely dumbfounded as to the meaning of the sentence. Can anyone explain this to me?


I suppose it is an award for carefulness or prudence and you dropped your wallet down a sketchy Port-a-Potty at an unfinished highway rest stop.


'The "Investor of the Year" Award will go to...' ?


Why is this not acceptable? "Ní bhualfaidh tú an gradam mar chaill tú do chuid airgead."


There's no l in buafaidh, and cuid causes the genitive - do chuid airgid.


Yeah, I see that stray "l" ... darn that genitive! Assuming that "bhuafaidh" was properly typed and the genitive "airgid" was used ... would it be an accurate translation?


Ní bhuafaidh tú an gradam mar chaill tú do chuid airgid should be accepted as a valid translation of "You will not win the award because you lost your money".


Why is this answer still being marked wrong.


The cynical answer is because no one has been doing anything with the "incorrect" answer reports for over a year now.


Ní bhuafaidh tú an gradam mar chaill tú do chuid airgid was accepted with Ní bhuafaidh tú an gradam mar chaill tú d'airgead given as another correct answer.


Can you use ní bhainfidh??

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