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I planted the second tree in my life!

Hello. I don't really know how to start it. I just "planted the second tree in my life" which means I just finished Norwegian course. Started: 22 / 05 / 2015 Finished: 19 / 08 / 2015 It took me nearly three months to do it. Of course I hope it is obvious that I didn't manage to learn everything but I planted the tree. The seed with some basic knowledge that will grow while watering (learning). I got an opportunity to develop my skills, find new passion, even though it was hard and tiring sometimes. But I did it and am grateful for having this chance. And if you are reading it, and have any doubts or you are tired or put your "problem" here you can do it too!

Plant the trees. As many as you can. They give us "oxygen", which (thanks to Duolingo team) is pricelss knowledge...

August 19, 2015




Now that you know both Swedish and Norwegian, you should be practically fluent in Svorsk as well. ;)


Well honestly I was a master in Svorsk before I found out that Svorsk exists ;)


Gratulerer! Congratulations on finishing your tree:) Since you have finished your Swedish and Norwegian trees, does that mean you are going to try the Danish tree?


I'm not sure if I want to start a new tree right now. I think I will try to cover my both trees in gold but c'mon who am I trying to fool... I probably will start a new tree even this week... Not sure which language yet! Duolingo is so addictive...


I know what you mean:) Duolingo is very addictive!


Congratulations! Do the Swedish and Norwegian words mix a lot in your head?


Unfortunately yes :( Now I guess I need A LOT OF practice...


Gratulerer!!! :D


Gratulerer! Good luck with the rest of the forest! ;)


Thank you, I might need some luck :)

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