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нарешті скінчив! - Finally finished!

I just want to thank everyone here that helped, especially Vinnfred with all her helpful comments and posts. ))))

I must admit I initially had no intentions to learn Ukrainian, I just figured it was a nice bridge to get ready for the Russian course as I've studied polish for years. But I have absolutely fallen in love with the language and culture. I've skyped with many Ukrainian natives, who patiently worked with me to improve my pronunciation, grammar and share their culture. Just today I was able to reconnect with an old good friend who moved back to Ukraine, who had no idea I've been studying Ukrainian.

This was a challenging course for me, with a new alphabet and learning how to type in cyrillic, but the best part was finally learning how to use cases!!! 10 years of speaking polish I never figured out how they worked and often just guessed on the endings. Because of this course my Russian and Polish grammar improved so much.

So once again thanks to all, and I'm going to keep reviewing and improving. I may have finished my tree, but for me my Ukrainian journey has just begun )))))

August 19, 2015



I am getting close to the end myself, but I know that when I finish I still wont be done because learning a language takes a long time and I just started Ukrainian a few months ago! I wish you well as you continue improving your knowledge of Ukrainian, Great Job!


Дуже дякую! )))


Мої вітання :) Успіхів у вашій подорожі!


Дякую за твої гарні слова )))

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