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  5. "Ni siquiera es oro."

"Ni siquiera es oro."

Translation:It is not even gold.

January 1, 2013



Duolingo could display the translation of "ni siquiera" instead of giving people separate translations of both these words.


It does now as of 07-28-14.


It didn't even do that much. It's only a "type what you hear" exercise. How am I supposed to know what he's saying?


Sure sounds like "Mi"


I don't understand the translation...


I show a ring to a friend, saying how valuable it is. He/she could say, "I don't think it is valuable. It is not even gold".


Couldn't "ni suquiera" also mean "at least". If so, the translation would be "At least it is gold"?


You are not including the negation ni to your translation. Siquiera alone can mean "at least", but ni siquiera is always closer to "not even." If you loosen up the translation so that it is not so literal ni siquiera could potentially be translated as "at least", but it would be taking liberties. For example:

  • Ni siquiera nos saludaron is best translated as "They didn't even say hello to us", but informally that could be "They could have at least said "Hi" to us".


I had the same answer as Skyhawk. This seems like a reasonable explanation.

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