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"Heeft deze regering veel goede dingen gedaan?"

Translation:Has this government done many good things?

August 20, 2015



The word "government" has a somewhat different meaning in American and British English. Which one does "regering" mean?


regering means de personen aan wie het bestuur van een staat is opgedragen so it's the (current) administration who governs the country/state. I'm not too sure about the difference between the UK/US government but I would guess the British version is about the same? e.g. the Labour government bla bla, while the US version would then be more along the lines of the total system in place for governing the state/country (e.g. federal government)? That would be overheid in Dutch


What do you mean, precisely? The OED always adresses such differences, and I just checked and there's nothing on it about the word "government".


I could be wrong, but I think Brits use the word government to describe the current ruling administration or parties. Here in America, we use the term to refer to the overall institution itself.



I find it hard not to translate 'veel' as 'well' because dialectally 'well' means 'very.' Makes it amusing when you get a sentence like this and I instinctively read it as 'done well good things (mate).'


If there was "heel" instead of "veel" would the sentence mean "has this government done very good things?"? Would the word order be correct?


Yes to both of your questions. :)

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