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"Chuaigh mo chara sall anuraidh."

Translation:My friend went over last year.

August 20, 2015



Okay, let me see if I get this. It's "sall" because I'm talking about my friend's movement away from me. If I were talking about my friend's existence over there, it would be, "Bhí mo chara thall anuraidh." Is that right?


Yes — sall is a direction (“thither”), and thall is a position (“yonder”).


Can this be used as a euphemism for dying?


Can you? You can use anything you want as a euphemism.

But, no, Irish speakers don't use this as a euphemism for dying.

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I think the connotation is more "over the sea".


I think you've mixing up the adverb sall (and its counterparts thall and anall) with the noun sáile - "sea water", used in the phrase thar sáile, "overseas" or "abroad". The lack of a fada in sall and the presence of a fada in sáile demonstrates that they are not related.


Why is "across" wrong?


I surmise that it is one more case of not all the possible answers having been added to the database before it was abandoned.


This whole idea of going over, the Irish Diaspora as it were, strikes me as something Tolkien might have borrowed for his story ending with Elves sailing to the lands of the West.

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