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"Flegistoj ofte portas blankajn uniformojn."

Translation:Nurses often wear white uniforms.

August 20, 2015



FALSE!!! Nurses almost never wear white. Doctors wear white. The nurses are always in blue, at least around here!!!!!!!


But in russia it is true. They all and doctors and nurses wear white mostly.


Which brings up an interesting question: How would Esperanto translate the term "candy striper", which is the term (in North America, at least) for a young nursing volunteer or intern, and which references their colorful uniforms?


En via lando, jes.


This is a language course, not the news. Sentences don't have to be semantically true or not, just to teach us correct grammar.


yes, but the discussions about it -- are allowed and -- are very interesting.

just my two cents...


Color of nurses' uniforms depends on the unit where I work. Navy, light blue, green, purple, fun cartoon patterned (if a pediatric unit), and yes, even white. But this is Duo, and I wouldn't expect the volunteers to account for every possibility.


Flegisto, fluganta la flago ((( WTF!!! )))))

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