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The (slightly) easier way to learn German adjective endings

I recently came across this blog > http://germangrinds.com/2011/06/14/the-slightly-easier-way-to-learn-german-adjective-endings/, which has a helpful system to remember the various German adjective endings. I thought I'd post it in here for those who are struggling to learn them.

I only wish I had found that blog years ago!

August 20, 2015



happy one-year streak!!!


+1 Lingot Given! To both of you!


I found an app on for the iPad (possibly other devices) which gives an excellent guide to all German grammar. It is called GGG or German Grammar Guide from the University of Minnesota. It has a very good explanation and also some useful looking tables for the more experienced.


I used this same method when I first started speaking German. It takes a long time to recall correct adjective endings, especially when you're just speaking without thinking to much, so just sticking in an "e" or "en" really helps with the flow of your speech. And with time the you'll eventually learn to use the correct endings. Good post, I'd recommend this method to any beginner practicing their speaking.


Thanks for your reply. That's pretty much what I did in the beginning too.


"It also results in that strange phenomenon of looking absent mindedly at the ceiling halfway through a conversation and silently mouthing the endings chart until the correct ending is reached."

Schoolboy me feels their pain.


Wow. I've only just posted this topic and it's been down voted already...really? That blog details an excellent method for learning German adjective endings and would be extremely useful for those who are having trouble remembering them.


Ignore them, the dislike trolls wake up at night.


It would seem so. Thanks for your replies. :)


The downvote may have been because the link goes to a server that is currently having problems.


I've just clicked the link now and it's working fine. Other people have had no problems with the link either. When I originally posted the link, which was over 15 hours ago, the post was down voted within two minutes. I've had a couple of "trolls" posting abuse on my profile lately, it was probably them who down voted it. Other duolingo users have experienced the same problems with "trolls" down voting posts as well as posting abusive messages on their profiles recently. I just block and ignore them. :)


Hey, you're right..it's working now. Awesome. I really wanted to read that post because I definitely am challenged by adjectives every now and then. Thanks for putting it out there.


Danke, sehr nützlich, danke schön !!!


You are welcome. :)


Great find, really simplifies it! Thanks :)


Thanks for sharing and posting this. Here's a lingot.


You, madame, deserve a lingot. But I'll be generous and give you 10! :)


Well, that is very kind of you, my dear and thank you. :0)


Unpreceded genitive plural should end with -er or -en?

neuen Ängste or neuer Ängste?


Use ‘neuer Ängste’ as with the feminine genitive. The only surprising adjective case ending is the masculine / neuter genitive, which is -en even though the corresponding definite article is ‘des’.


Here's a different method, that (I think) is even simpler, and I found very useful: http://www.nthuleen.com/teach/grammar/adjektivendungenexpl.html


Personally I find that little flowchart to be the best aide memoire I've seen on the topic.


You helped me, thank you very much!!! If only I can express my gratitude with more than a lingot and a thank you!!!


Looks like it's still too early for me, but I'll definitely bookmark it for later. Thanks! :)


Thank you for sharing this blog. I clicked on the link intending to read that one article, and ended up reading his blog posts for about an hour ;) Very helpful!


Thanks for sharing very helpful


Wow, I love it. I have a lof of problems with those. Our teachers are very punctional about them.. Thanks


It is really helpful. Thank you.

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