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Esperanto events in NJ, PA, NY in Oct!

Lots of cool events coming up in October!

Oct 3-4: Urba Semajnfino (Princeton, NJ)

Oct 5-9: Intermediate Course: Intense Esperanto (Quakertown, PA)

Oct 10-12: Aŭtuna Renkontiĝo de Esperanto (Silver Bay, NY) -or- Oct 10-11: Polyglot Conference (New York, NY)

Urba Semajnfino (Oct 3-4)

Join us in Princeton for a small local Esperanto event. Beginners welcome! Hang out with 5-20 Esperanto speakers as we enjoy an Indian buffet, a tour of Princeton University (possibly in Esperanto!), a winery and more! This is a very laid back event with minimal program, so we can just hang out and enjoy each others' company. This time the Urba Semajnfino is organized by Jesse Alter (sodaspeak). Judith Meyer (Junesun) and I will also be there, so it would be a great chance for us to hang out… sign up today to secure your spot!

More info and Registration: https://goo.gl/yTmZ6b

Intermediate Course: Intense Esperanto (Oct 5-9)

Making great progress in your Esperanto, but don’t quite feel comfortable speaking it yet? Well, after a few days with Judith Meyer, other Duolingo students and me in a gorgeous chalet, you’ll be speaking in no time. You’ll be immersed in Esperanto 10 hours per day (yes, we said intense!), but we’ll make sure to keep everything light and fun. Prerequisite: Participants should have already reached the second checkpoint in the Duolingo course to join us. :)

Official website: http://intenseesperanto.wordpress.com/

Aŭtuna Renkontiĝo de Esperanto (Oct 10-12)

Around 80 Esperanto speakers will gather in Silver Bay, NY to meet and enjoy a rich program of lectures and activities.

Details: http://www.esperanto.qc.ca/eo/are

Polyglot Conference (Oct 10-11)

Polyglots will meet in NYC from around the world. Expect an interesting academic atmosphere.

Details: http://polyglotconference.com/

August 20, 2015


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