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"Vi spiser middag og drikker vin."

Translation:We are eating dinner and drinking wine.

August 20, 2015



Is the hard "g" in "middag" and similar words only pronounced when the next word begins with a vowel, or is it always pronounced?


Why "We are eating dinner and we are drinking wine" is wrong?


That would be "Vi spiser middag og vi drikker vin". But the second 'vi' is redundant.


But I can include second we or not?


That would be a translation to the sentence to the sentence I said, not the one above. It would be redundant to add the second 'we' anyways, so I wouldn't advise writing like that.


i think its supposed to be : we are eating dinner and drink wine or : we are eating dinner and are drinking wine


Native (Canadian) English speaker here: the first of your suggestions seems wrong to me. I think it feels strange because it amounts to using two different tenses for verbs which are parallel in meaning. The second sentence you propose is okay, but the English sentence they give "are eating ... and drinking ..." is also fine.


Is dinner like the east coast version referring to tje mid day meal or is it more like the midwest and west coast version meaning night time meal like the east coasters would call supper?


might be a usefull app to learn basic words but whenever i check with my Norwegian friends about something i said wrong according to the app it turns out i was right and the app messes up grammar

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