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  5. "Who is that?"

"Who is that?"

Translation:O kim?

August 20, 2015



Any difference in meaning between "O kim?" and "Kim o?"


No dlfference. However, "kim o?" is also an established phrase for when asking "who's there?" after someone's just knocked the door. In that situation, we would never substitute it with "o kim?"


Thanks Ektoraskan!


Can I say "şu kim?" Or when does "O" mean "that" instead of "it"?


You can and it is already accepted.


I believe that "o" means "that" when it is referring to a person.


Thanks! I knew "O kim" was accepted because it showed up in the lesson previously, so I went with that as my answer, but I wondered about "Şu kim." Thanks!


Wouldnt kim dir be accepted? If not, how come?


We accept "kimdir" here, but you cannot use the space in between the two parts of this word :)


Excuse me but I don't understand the english phrase what it means Who is that? If we are talking about people it doesn't to be Who is he or she?


If you do not know the gender of the person, you say, "Who is that?" or "Who is it?" For example: You are shown a faded photograph, and you think you recognize your friend, you might ask, "Who is that?", to be sure. If someone knocks at the door when you are not expecting anyone, it is common to ask, "Who is it?" before you open the door.


There is no "that" in this sentence. When I make the slightest mistake in the English translation Duo freaks out, but Duo itself always makes wrong translations. In Spanish-English it is even worse. I thought "who is that" is translated as "su kim", but "o kim" would be "Who is it" . But I don´t have a clue because I just started a few days ago with learning Turkish. Inspite of that, I have the feeling, that the Egnlsih translations are very often not very precisely.


What is the difference between (kim) and (kimin) ??


Hello AhmadQadi3, I think kim = who , and kimin = whose . The -in is posessive suffix 3rd.person singular. Kimin kedisi? = whose cat?

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