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How can I translate sentences?

There is a "immersion" icon, but I did not find any sentences to be translated. Who can tell me?

October 25, 2013



If you go to Immersion, you should be able to see tabs with articles and a couple of ways to sort these articles. Once you've opened an article, you will see that there is black text and grey text.

Black text already has a translation. Once you click on the text, you will see the translation that other users have been working on so far. If you think the translation looks good, you can confirm the sentence and move to the next. If you think it could be improved, you are able to make alterations to the translation. Confirming a sentence or changing a translation will strengthen your vocabulary and earn you points.

If you click on grey text, you will see an empty text box. You can fill in your own translation here. You can hover over words in the article with your cursor to get a dictionary hint (just like during lessons). Some words don't always translate perfectly and you might have to think a little about how you can stitch words together into a natural translation. I hope you're now able to find your way. Good luck translating!


Thank you! I found it now!
If the all the articles have been translated, means 100% translated, then no article tabs will show when I get into Immersion?


This is what I currently see. If you see nothing, there might be a technical issue.

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