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I've conquered my Dutch skill tree!!!

...en het was heel moeilijk!!! But I'm really happy I've finally made it, one year after I've conquered my French tree here on Duolingo.

Next pursuit: conquering the Italian and German trees!! Wish me luck! I wish you too!!!

August 20, 2015



Awesome! Congratulations. I've heard the Dutch tree is very fun towards the end, as if strays away from grammar and begins adding more cultural tidbits about the Netherlands. I hope to find out myself one day, but anyhoo... today is your day! Congrats again and good luck with Italian and German. I'm certain your French will help with the former (a bit) and your Dutch (and English) will help with the latter!


Gefeliciteerd en goeie reis met Italiaans en Duits.


Two at a time, thats great. Tho i am tackling three and started 5 i have mostly only time for two. Do you feel fluent in the languages you have finished on DL? I have always wanted to read the Dutch accounts of their expulsion from Taiwan by the Ming Chinese during the 16th century should be able to after finishing the Dutch tree.


I certainly don't feel fluent, because there's no much active speaking involved.


Im not sure whether Dutch is available, but busuu is another language learning site that involves a lot more face to face video calling or instant messaging people to practice, maybe that'd be a good follow up to help you feel more fluent? I found it very helpful for Spanish :)


Think you have to have Windows for that. I am a Linux user.


Grats. I'm finding Dutch slow going, but then again I overdid it when I started four new languages after French and then Spanish. :-)


Good job! and good luck on your German!


That's awesome, good luck :D


Congratulations ^^"


Congratulations! Do you have situations where you are able to use your Dutch skills, or was this to satisfy intellectual curiosity?


I'll have to start using it a lot more on a daily basis, because I am currently living in the Netherlands.


Congratulations! Vooral voor het kunnen lezen van een krant. Leef je ook in Nederland?


Ja, maar mensen aan mijn universiteit spreken allen Engels...


Gefeliciteerd Suzana :) dat is goed gedaan van dij !


Are you able to apply all you have learned? you got to level 8 in tree i assume?

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