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"Does the politician know the mayor?"

Translation:Kjenner politikeren ordføreren?

August 20, 2015



I'm confused. This was given to me as a "here's the English, say it in Norwegian" exercise, and I said "Kjenner politikeren borgmesteren?" And for some reason, instead of borgmesteren, Duo wanted me to say ordføreren. But now, when I click over here to the discussion to talk about it, the translation says borgmesteren.

Anyways, what is an ordfører? That's not a word I think I've learned. Is it just another word for mayor?

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'borgmester' = master of the castle

'borgermester'(before 1938) or 'rådmann'(after 1938) = The administrative manager of a municipal government. This person does not have any political affiliations and is not elected. Also called 'city manager' in English.

'ordfører' = The highest-ranking official in a municipal government. This person has a political affiliation, and is elected by the people.

'borgermester' = The highest-ranking official in a municipal government. Can be elected or chosen.

Titles don't always translate literally, but these may be used for persons with equivalent positions in other countries.

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