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Recommended reading for beginners?

For those of you who are somewhat more experienced than I am, do you have any book recommendations for a beginner in Irish? I don't think that I'm quite up to the level where I'd be able to read a book, but for just in advance, at which stage along the tree would you say is the best place to start reading books, and which books are good for beginners? At the moment I honestly don't care if I'd be reading a book designed for three year olds who are learning how to read or if it'd be an abridged version of Hamlet, just so long as it's generally considered easy for newcomers to the language.

August 20, 2015



There are some good book recommendations here https://www.duolingo.com/comment/9726294 if your interested.


I would suggest choosing a book you like, then getting it in English and Irish. That's what I do at least. :)

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