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Italian: mispronunciation of "usa" (verb) as "U.S.A." (proper noun)

I just wanted to bring to the contributors' and moderators' attention that in the Italian course for English speakers, the voice mispronounces the 3rd person singular present tense verb "usa" (he/she/it uses) as if it were "U.S.A."

I realized what was happening immediately, so it just amuses me, but it might be confusing to others.

(I posted this in the Italian forum, too, and someone suggested I post it here.)

August 20, 2015



Yes, I noticed that one too. But immediately I thought it was an artifice to highlight the different pronunciation it requires in Italian, vis a vis English. The emphasis is in yius-a as opposed to oos-a.

August 21, 2015


No, it's actually just a mistake. The computer is spelling it instead of saying it. (And elsewhere in another thread, a contributor said they're aware of it.)

August 21, 2015
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