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  5. "He is my neighbor."

"He is my neighbor."

Translation:C'est mon voisin.

January 2, 2013



Why is "c'est" used in this one? Doesn't "il" make more sense?


I think that "Il est" or "c'est" could both be used, depending on the context. "C'est" is certainly more informal and more common especially in present tense, but "il est" is also correct and certainly not unheard of. My impression is that "C'est" conveys its English equivalent of "That's" or "It's" or "Voila" or answering "Qui est-ce?" but "Il est" is more formal and respectful, or if you are answering the question "Qui est-il?" For example, I would never introduce my boss as, "Je vous presente M. Leclerc. C'est mon patron." I would not give a presentation and say, "Ghandi est une figure historique. C'est une source d'inspiration." I mean, if I had a friend over and they said, "C'est quoi, ce bruit?" or "C'est qui, ce mec?" I would say, "C'est mon voisin." If I were testifying at a trial, and a lawyer asked me, "Comment connaissez-vous M. Lafleur?" I would say, "Il est mon voisin."

But I'm not a native speaker. Nothing I can find online seems to give a definitive answer either. Any tips on this?


Modern French has definitely adopted that formula, though.

Maybe take a look at this page: http://www.frenchtoday.com/blog/cest-versus-il-elle-est

If you don't want to say: "Je vous presente M. Leclerc. C'est mon patron.", which I can understand, you have other options, like: Je vous pr├ęsente mon patron, M. Leclerc".

If you don't want to say: *"Ghandi est une figure historique. C'est une source d'inspiration.", you can say: "Il repr├ęsente (reste, est devenu, constitue...) une grande source d'inspiration."

To answer the lawyer: "Comment connaissez-vous M. Lafleur ?", you could say "Monsieur Lafleur est mon voisin".

So, a rule is a rule, but you can move around it if you don't feel comfortable with its application.


I also used "Il est mon voisin" and it is correct. However, I want to know, Is it also correct to say "C'est ma voisin", if the neighbour is female?


If your neighbour is female, please use "c'est ma voisine".


I used Il est and it counted it right.

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