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  5. "Hangi köylerden geliyorsun?"

"Hangi köylerden geliyorsun?"

Translation:Which villages are you coming from?

August 20, 2015



This is a confusing sentence as you would not normally expect one person to be coming from more than one village.


"Hangi köylerden geliyorsun?" Translation: Which villages are you coming from?

Only just answered this question (03/11/2018) I got it wrong by answering: "Which village are you coming from?" I agree with CarolTowers for another reason. The village I was born in, in Cyprus in 1959 is now a major city in Larnaca. My Turkish Cypriot parents, cousins, neighbours & Greek Cypriot friends always asked: From which village are you from? When meeting/greeting other Cypriots in London. Only in rural Turkey you may find close knit villages within short distance of each other.

I did answer it wrong & "köylerden" is plural for villages & has the ablative case suffix "-den."


I agree totally, how can one person come from many villages. You live in a village, town or city. Nobody would ever say ' Which cities are you coming from'


Cymruman PLUS

"Hangi köylerden geliyorsun?" Translation: Which villages are you coming from?

Good morning to you & thank you for your support.

Cypriot villages were smaller in the 60's & within walking distance of each other. Even now in London older Cypriots ask from which village are you originally from in Cyprus.

Kind regards.


oh..so this question has some Turkish history attatched to it.....Interesting :)


Is the reason you don't say geliyor musun because hangi already implies that it is a question?


teşekkürler, you're a legend


Regarding the impossibility of someone being from more than one village, i think thats addressed by the tense. You would never use "are you coming from" to ask about someone's native village. You'd ask "Which village are you from/do you come from?" I took the question to indicate i knew someone was going to travel to a few villages, and now I'm asking which villages they are coming from.


Ending sentences with prepositions is often frowned upon in English. At the least, Duolingo should accept "from which of the villages are you coming?" Most people would consider this construction to have more "proper" grammar.


"from which of the villages" is a totally different sentence grammatically. You can, of course" say "from which villages..."


Yes, you're right, I meant the latter.


Okay, why would you use gelmak in the second person singular if you expect the person being addressed to come from plural villages? Is "Hangi Köylerden geliyorsunuz?" also accepted?


I wrote (you are coming from which villages) and it marked wrong


Can you use what villages instead of which villages here?


I did and got it wrong. But in Canada at least it's correct. You ask What or Which part of the US are you from? But i guess Duolingo wants you to show you know that hangi means which.


How come one person is coming from many villages?


Is it me or this question really sounds like they want to humiliate someone because of coming from a village?


These sencences shall be as easy as possible, to learn the basics of turkish. This kme doesn't make any sense. Why just not putting this way? From which village/city do you come from?

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