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  5. "A blusa dela é apertada."

"A blusa dela é apertada."

Translation:Her blouse is tight.

October 25, 2013



Earlier I was requested to translate English phrase - Her bluse is tight - to Portuguese. My translation - A blusa dela e apertada - was not accepted and was declared as incorrect. I found out that I should have used expression JUSTA instead of APERTADA. Now I was asked to translate Portuguese sentence - A blusa dela e apertada - to English. Here, suddenly, the system is not using expression JUSTA, but APERTADA!?. So, for god sake, decide which expression is correct. In my opinion BOTH!


You're right, zvukosav, both words have the same meaning in portuguese: "apertada" = "justa" = tight


Perhaps it was wrong because you missed the accent over the é making it mean and instead of is?


Could please anymore tell me the difference between apertada and justa?

  • justo = exact fitting (comfortable)
  • apertado = tight fitting (uncomfortable)


if justa is tight-fitting, then apertada should and could be very tight

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