"An evening"

Translation:En kveld

August 20, 2015



Is the d pronounced?


No, because when "ld" and "nd" the "d" is nor pronounced


What's the difference between night and evening? Is there a time when one crosses over into the other? This might just be a lack in my knowledge rather than a translation issue!


Technically speaking Night is from the moment it's dark till it is light, evening is the last moment of the day, it comes after afternoon and lasts till you go to bed. Most people will see Night as the period where most people are sleeping though and generally is from midnight till 6AM. While evening is more from 6PM til midnight.

It's also a bit personal, I'm an evening person, and it's not that weird you'll here me say evening and 2AM in the same sentence while for someone else this would be considered night. While 6AM for example I will call night since most of the time I'm still sleeping at that time.


I also call 2am evening. That seems to be when i am most awake :D


There's no time when they switch over exactly, but phrases that involve "evening" generally refer to when people are out and about doing things, and phrases that involve "night" generally refer to when people are sleeping. This is the case in many languages.


How do you pronounce "kveld"?


Very similar to "vel", except with a quick "k" noise at the start of it. I think. I am a newbie but that is how my robot voice says it. I find it easier to say when it's in a sentence rather than on it's own.


when can you tell if it is en or et?


I think you generally just have to memorize the gender of a noun with the word itself.


Is en kveld for evening or weekend?


Why "en kveld" and not "et kveld"?

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