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  5. "We speak Polish in Poland."

"We speak Polish in Poland."

Translation:Labhraímid Polainnis sa Pholainn.

August 20, 2015



When do I use an article with a language and when not? When should I write "Polainnis" and when "an Pholainnis"?


If we are looking at the sentence from a connemara stand point (where sa causes eclipsis) should sa bPolainn be accepted? Or do they ignore the eclipsis rule when refering to countries, etc.?


Gramadach na Gaeilge gives sa nGearmáin as an example, so sa bPolainn should have been accepted.


Sonething isn't right here. It's "an Phólainnis" in some questions and "Pólainnis" in others. Either both should be accepted or just one, consistently.

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