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llevar or tomar?

I'm constantly confusing poner, dejar, and especially llevar, tomar.

Please let me know if this is correct:

They left the book at the door. - Ellos dejaron el libro en la puerta. I took it to your room and put it on the desk. - Lo llevé (tomé?) a tu cuarto y pusé sobre el escritorio. Take it when you leave. - I haven't learned imperative yet, but I'm guessing you'd use tomar here.

I know for clothes we use llevar and for food/drinks it's tomar, but as far as picking things up, taking them or carrying them, I'm not sure what gets used.

August 21, 2015



You use "para llevar" for take-out where I am from.

August 21, 2015

  • Ellos dejaron/pusieron el libro en la puerta.

  • Lo llevé a tu cuarto y lo pusé sobre el escritorio.

  • Tómalo/llévatelo cuando te vayas.

You can find more about the differences between those words here:

llevar and tomar

To take: llevar, tomar and sacar


Perfect. Thank you for the explanation and the links!

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