" thuillfidh an páiste airgead mar ró-óg."

Translation:The child will not earn money because she is too young.

August 21, 2015



for mar sí------i typed " as she is too young"----Rejected. I understood "as" to be acceptable in this situation. I would appreciate your views, le do thoil.

August 21, 2015


mar means 'as' in the sense of 'she works as a teacher'. However, I feel it probably should be accepted, since it's basically synonymous with 'because'

August 21, 2015


In this exercise, mar is a conjunction, and the conjunction “as” is a valid translation of it.

August 21, 2015


It is also my sense that "as" would be the appropriate word to use here. I tried it, and found that the problem has now been corrected.

March 8, 2018
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