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  5. "Jouons ici ce dimanche."

"Jouons ici ce dimanche."

Translation:Let's play here this Sunday.

August 21, 2015



why not we play here?


Because without "nous" the verb is in the imperative mood, which is better translated in English as "let's..." = "let us..."


Thanks for that. I guess I knew that 55 years ago when I was a student. Must have slipped my mind!!!!


@to-mor I believe, "we play here this Sunday." Would be, "on joue ici ce dimanche." The absence of "On" or "Nous", I think this would best be rendered, "Let's". The use of "Jouons" at the beginning of the sentence idicates that the conjugation is "Nous", it's not a question, and the form indicates it's imperative. So, let us (let's), appears to be the best translation (imo).


Thanks Kevin you are absolutely correct. I was put right about this 4 years ago. It was actually a momentary aberration on my part I just needed my memory jogging.


It sounded like "joue" not "jouons."


Let's play here that sunday, marked wrong. Is the owl becoming nuts ?

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