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  5. "Our cat eats cheese."

"Our cat eats cheese."

Translation:Il nostro gatto mangia formaggio.

January 2, 2013



Why can't I just say "nostro gatto mangia formaggio"?


It's been two years, but all the same: in Italian, for a reason that I don't know, they say 'the my' instead of 'my'. There are exceptions, though the only one that comes to mind is family - Italians say 'mia sorella' not 'la mia sorella', or at least that's what I was taught.


So why doesnt formaggio get an article?


It does, as well "nostro" is declined to the proper form. "Il formaggio" becomes "Il nostro formaggio" i.e. "La nostra finetra" or "Gli nostri insetti"


Thank you for actually explaining what I came in here to figure out!


so is it "the our cat"? I don't understand "il nostro"


"Il nostro" simply means "our." In Italian, having "the" doesn't always mean you are talking about a specific thing. Think of words like "la frutta" which just means fruit, or "il formaggio" which just means cheese. It depends on context, and in this case, "the our cat" does not make sense, so one can reason that "our cat" is the proper translation.


To Anthony850413. I understand your frustration I felt the same so I got the dictionary out and learn the days , the months, and the numbers, to learn a language you have to start somewhere and duro lingo does help, don't get frustrated, just learn each section as it comes the way it is and for what it is and with time you will be amazed at what you can accomplish


I highly doubt that I need the "il" as a romance language speaker


You would be understood, but it would be noticed. It sounds odd to us because it doesn't fit English grammar, but this is Italian.


If you speak any other Romance language different from Italian, your comment is just nonsensical


Why "la nostra gatto" is not correct


because gatto is masculine. if it was "la nostra gatta" that would be okay. the "our" needs to be the same gender as the object


This whole section makes no sense to me. I may just scrap duolingo after 2 months. They teach this advanced stuff without teaching you numbers, days of the week and other basics. I would not recommend this app to anybody


Joe DiMaggio eats il formaggio


Io sono molto confusco qui.????


Non importa. I'll live on.


When does the article for a noun appear and when does it not appear? Because apparently it is wrong when I write il formaggio


Why the ''la nostra gatta'' is a mistake?


So a cat is masculine and a tiger is feminine? Why is that?

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