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"Berlino ne estas en Togolando."

Translation:Berlin is not in Togo.

August 21, 2015



What is it with every other sentence being about Togo? Why Togo???


It's a great country to go to, is Togo, too. Be glad there's no place named "Vizitistan."


Cxar Togo estas la sola lando en Afriko, kiu estas gastiginta la "Internacia Junulara Kongreso", precize en Dumil dek sep (2017). Tial vi ne vidas ekzercojn pri aliaj afrikaj landoj cxi-tie.


Kiel aminda strato :D


Kiel usonano, mi povas diri ke mi lernis ion novan hodiaŭ.


Weird question, but it's bugging me anyway: Why is it Togolando? Togo works just fine as an Esperanto word, too. I don't think it's been called Togoland since the '50s. (For that matter, why is the capital of China still called Pekino when it's Beijing, or some other version of that, in other languages? Is Esperanto that slow in changing with the times?)


In Esperanto the word togo = toga, that article of clothing preferred by the likes of Julius Caesar, and Bluto in Animal House. Hence togolando is a workaround. if it was being "toga country" we'd probably say toga lando. (Romio estis vere toga lando)

I believe that there is another reason for not using "Beijing," but the Chinese Esperantists don't seem to object, so I shan't either.

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