"Le chien suit le chat."

Translation:The dog follows the cat.

January 2, 2013

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I noticed the conjugation for I and you for suivre are both "suis" which is the same as the I form of etre. Is there a way to not get these confused besides context? maybe how its pronounced? If someone were to say Je suis un chat how do i know they are saying "I am a cat" or "I follow a cat". Sorry if this is a stupid question.


You are right, it could be misleading without any context. If a cat says "I am a cat", you can legitimately wonder whether he "is" or "follows" a cat. However, only "je suis" can confuse you, because that is the only similar form (no difference in pronounciation) between the two verbs:

  • Être: je suis, tu es, il/elle/on est, nous sommes vous êtes, ils/elles sont
  • Suivre: je suis, tu suis, il/elle/on suit, nous suivons, vous suivez, ils/elles suivent.


Do french poets play with this ambiguity?


Chases was unacceptable?


That is not what is meant: have you got a dictionary?

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