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  5. "It is warm outside."

"It is warm outside."

Translation:На вулиці тепло.

August 21, 2015



"Назовні тепло" is a word by word translation and might be used in the same context without significant loss of the meaning, thus should be an acceptable option.


Add «надворі тепло» as variant, please


Not possible to translate correctly with the options that are given!


12/20 - IT IS NO LONGER POSSIBLE TO ANSWER THIS QUESTION; A CARTOON IS OVER THE TEXT !!!! PLEASE FIX THIS !! - I' VE BEEN BRINGING IT TO YOUR ATTENTION FOR MONTHS ON DOZENS OF QUESTIONS. I HAVE HAD NO REPLIES AND NOTHING CHANGES. I ignore the cartoons where possible but its not possible here . It has become very frustrating and YES I report these as well. PS. next day- I apologise for the false statement "I had no replies." I was asked for a screen shot so they could identify the problem, but I could not post it. After saying that I forgot about it, then I wrote this yesterday.

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Would you be able to send me a screenshot? To tell you the truth, I've never seen a cartoon over the text in Duolingo, so it's difficult to understand what you're talking about without any visual clues. You started this discussion here and you did get replies, so it's not entirely fair to say you'd had no replies. Without screenshots we're basically clueless what's going on. I can send you my email, maybe it would be easier to send screenshots via email.


Hello Deniko Thank you. Yes you are correct and I apologise. I was asked for a screen shot, which by now I had forgotten about, My reply to that was that I was not able to work out how to put the image in here. Sorry, I'm not very techno savvy. I have sent you a screen shot by email. Thanks for contacting me. And sorry for text shouting at you yesterday - I should take a deep breath and count to ten before I hit post and then not hit post until I am able to remember to post with courtesy.

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