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"The wolf is eating a reindeer."

Translation:Ulven spiser en rein.

August 21, 2015



Santa won't be happy


Ulven eter en rein

What's the meaning of 'eter'?


It's a (less common) alternative to "spiser".

People usually use one or the other, depending on their dialect, and it's not advisable to mix the two. Exceptions are made for the compound nouns and adjectives that strictly use "-eter" rather than "-spiser"; kjøtteter, planteeter, etc.


Can somebody please tell me what the difference between et and en is??? For example, in what context would you use on or the other, whats the difference


"et" is the indefinite article for neuter nouns.
"en" is the indefinite article for masculine nouns, and may also be used for feminine nouns.
"ei" is the indefinite article for feminine nouns.

All nouns have a grammatical gender which needs to be learned by heart, so it's a good idea to memorise each noun with its correspending article: "en gutt", "et hus", and so on.


Why ulven and not vargen?


Ulven is more common in Norway. Vargen is more common in Swedish.

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