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Time spent on duolingo per week?

Dear Duolingo users,

I am new to Duolingo. Over the summer I mistakenly told my students to spend 1 hour on duolingo per summer week because I thought I could easily see how much time per week they spent. However, all I can see are time stamps and it is taking me forever to figure out how much time they spent on duolingo over the summer.

Is there any way to see how much time they spent per week that I'm not aware of?


August 21, 2015



Assigning a certain number of skills might be a better way to track their progress than amount of time. But remember that they'll need more time to review previous skills the further along they get.


I am having my French 2 students sign up for duolingo on Friday. I assume all students must start as beginners. How do I know which skills to assign them? For example, I would like them to work in the computer lab on duolingo for 30 minutes. How can I assign them a task, so that later on I can track their progress on that particular task?

Thank you!!!!


Hi! If they took their placement tests, Duolingo should have them right on the skill where they each need to be. :] You could, for example, tell them to complete the lessons or skills they are on. Please note that, although we do show when each student worked on Duolingo, and what they did at that point, we do not yet show how much time each student spent on each skill. I hope this information helps clear things up. :]

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