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Irish immersion forums!

Hi! I've recently created and started work on a forums for us Irish speakers here. Namely, I started this project due to my lack of an immersive environment and our communal lack of an Irish immersion section.

The forums are in a HIGHLY infantile state (as of posting this topic, August 21, 2015). They need plenty of work to get to a more professional level. As it is, they function, but they aren't pretty per se. If you have any experience administrating forums, please contact me, I need help! D: You can contact me on Duolingo or on the forums.

The success of the forums relies upon us as a group. Surely, everyone wants to come and learn, to improve their Irish ability. But, we need muinteori (teachers) just as much as daltaí (students). Na muinteori learn as much from na daltaí as na daltaí learn from na muinteori. So, if you have Irish skill, you have just as much reason to join as those with no skill in Irish. By teaching others about Irish, you improve your own skill, and their skill.

As is such, the forums are divided into 3 sections, for beginners, intermediaries and advanced. You may go into any section without requiring privileges. However, if you lack the skill for a section it may discourage you, so please use your own judgment.

If you do join, hop into a section where you feel comfortable. As I am the only member currently, the forums are quite empty at the moment, in terms of topics and members. I need new members to not only participate in posting but also creating new topics and discussions for people to talk in. Practice makes perfect.

(LINK: http://igaeilge.proboards.com/) *Due to some issues that some users have been having with ProBoards, as well as other forum's reports of ProBoards interfering with them, I may be moving the forums to a new hosting service. Still feel free to join this board in the mean time, and if I do move the boards I will put out a notice to everyone, here and on the forums with the details and new forum address. Thanks :) *

So let me know what you think! Is this a futile social experiment? Does it hold promise? Do you think it will succeed at what I plan it for? Do you have any suggestions? Hope to see you there! Go raibh maith agat agus slán go fóill! :D

August 21, 2015



I joined. Thanks for putting in the effort. I hope this takes off!


Whoo! New member :D


There's plenty of places already to get Irish language immersion on the internet. I wish you luck, but last time something like this was tried,it failed pretty quicjly. Especially when most the users will be beginners who can't generally form correct sentences (at least more advanced ones).

Also, I nGaeilge. Don't forget the eclipse.


Would you name a few of these places, please.


Gaeilge Amháin on Facebook is perhaps the most prevalent. There are some people there who make learners mistakes, but absolutely no English is allowed, outside asking for translations and such. Nor are other languages allowed.

The Daltaí na Gaeilge forums allows Irish in both sections, and is solely Irish in one, though it doesn't seem to be as active as it once was.

The Irish Language Forum oscillates between Irish posts and English posts. Just post something in Irish, and we'd all be willing to correct it and respond.

Twitter is also a good one. I only interact in Twitter on Irish, apart from retweets and such. Check out the website IndigenousLanguages for a list of the top tweeters in Irish.


Thanks, I'll give them a look.


Thanks. The facebook group is way above my level for now, but it looks lively, so I've joined it for future reference. :)


Apparently CloudFlare doesn’t like the IP address of my proxy, as your site is giving me Error 1006: Access denied. I hope that your site will be successful for those whom CloudFlare approves of.


I don't even know what CloudFlare is :S I use ProBoards to host the forums, maybe it came with it. I don't quite know how to fix that problem either. I have to leave for work, but as soon as I get back I'll start checking it out and see if I can resolve that problem.


CloudFlare is a provider of CDN services — an overview of what they do can be found here. My guess is that ProBoards is a CloudFlare client. I don’t know what options (if any) are available to your ProBoards subdomain regarding IP address acceptability.


Well, apparently upon further digging Cloudflare is something that comes with ProBoards. There are a lot of forum hosting services, so I may switch to another one before this forum gets very established. There have apparently been a host of other problems with ProBoards controlling their client's forums, that I'd rather not get involved with.


So there is apparently some issues with ProBoards and how they interfere with people who are hosting through them including banning people randomly and Cloudflare, which was interfering with scilling trying to join. As such I may be moving to another hosting service, if I do, I will post the link here, and on the IGaeilge forums, so you will find out one way or another.

Also, if there is anything that you'd like to see on the forum, let me know, because I want to make this successful :) thanks!

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