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I can not speak English

I'm here because I started doing Duolingo a short time and as I am a student I have great difficulty with language just use the Google translator to write what I know not want your help

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Well, I'm quite sure your title should be "I cannot speak English yet" because the first step is to say you can

Another step is to get rid of google translate. I'm not saying this because people always say you have to think in your target language (It's true!!). I'm saying it because Google translate always translates sentences wrong, If you really wanna learn English, Dare yourself to write your own texts. Picture this way I can do it and nobody can say that I can't.

Of course, sometimes you got to figure out the meaning. I advise you to use these links below.....


http://www.urbandictionary.com/(Awesome website about slangs)

But If you want to learn a word from Portuguese to English you can use these ones.





Don't be afraid to write something wrong


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