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Grading Duolingo

We used Duolingo at our school for summer work for Spanish II. The requirements were a certain number of levels that had to be complete and the stipulation was that they had to be full strength. We are having trouble grading these as many of the kids have worked hard this summer and are still coming in with skills that seem to have weakened over night. We don't want to penalize them for this. It looks as though something is wrong and the strength is dropping more quickly than it use to. This is making grading the work very hard. Should be just look at the number of concepts completes and at time stamps? Any thoughts?

August 21, 2015



I am using this in class this year also and have been thinking about how to grade it. I am thinking I might just use time spent in the app (rather than completion). The time stamps on the activities in dashboard give me a pretty good idea of how long they spent. How do you see their skills? Do they show you their accounts?


How do you see how much time they spent? In my dashboard I only see the starting time.



With my beginner college students I use this rubric:

This is the grade for DUOLINGO
100% -- 5 lessons done on 5 different days (remember that it is 10 minutes each lesson)
95% -- 5 lessons done on 4 different days
90% -- 5 lessons done on 3 different days
85% -- 5 lessons done on 2 different days
80% -- 5 lessons done on 1 day
Less than 5 lessons: 15 points per lesson done (better than 0).
Don't forget, lessons are due on Sundays at 4

Research shows that it is better to do a little many days than a big chunk on just one day, so that's why I value this approach better. Each student works at around their own level.

This year I am thinking about giving them extra points for streaks on Duolingo (which are very easy to see on their page).

There is also a much more elaborate rubric created by Jaira Peytan. Here's the link to that discussion:



In my middle school classes, I require them to be active every day. They receive 7 points every week, 1 point for every day active. This translates to a minimum of 7o XP per week. I require my 8th graders to earn a minimum of 100 XP every week.

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