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"The Arabian horses are very beautiful."

Translation:Arap atları çok güzel.

August 21, 2015



Why "atlari" instead of "atlar"? Is it a compound? It can't be an accusative, I guess, as it's the subject of the sentence. (sorry, no "dotless i" on my keyboard, too lazy to copy and paste)


It is indeed a compound :)


Teşekkür ederim :)


I take it that it is a compound because Arabian horses are a breed of horse? That is, if you wanted to refer to French horses (in the sense of horses that are from France), you'd write "Fransız atlar" not "Fransız atları"?


Why not güzeller, as with kızlar in a previous sentence?


Ahem, sorry for making you wait for 7 months ;) -lAr suffix is mostly used for human beings if the -lAr suffix has already been used elsewhere in the sentence, as in this sentence the word used is: atları. Hope this helps.


Why is güzeller wrong , atlar is plural?


We could also say, "Arabian horses are very beautiful." In fact, if we were talking about Arabian horses in general, we would not use "The." Including "The" means that we're talking about some particular Arabian horses, perhaps at a fair, a riding show, or in a movie.

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