"Good afternoon, students and parents!"

Translation:Добрий день, студенти і батьки!

August 21, 2015

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Hi, with the word "батьки", it seems like they are pronouncing it as "bach kee" My question is ...... With a "ь" after the consonant "т", does that change the sound from "T" to "ch"? Tanks in advance. I've asked this in a time where huge distress is happening to a beautiful people, so I know there is not much chance of receiving an answer, and that's fine. My love and support go out to each and every one of you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx big hugs from an old bloke in Australia


Чому не підходить сполучник "та"?


Варіант зі сполучником "та" приймається.


When we have to use "a", "i" , "ta" to say and? Does anybody know?


Why isn't студеньів correct?


cuz студентів used in such sentence as «there's a lot if students» (тут багато студентів) and студенти can be used in such sentence as «they're students» (вони студенти), these are different declensions


день means day not afternoon


Is there no gender-neutral term for "parents" in Ukrainian? I would've expected "батьки" to mean "fathers". I know in Russian, there's the word "родители", wondering if there's something similar.

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