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"It rains constantly in November in our country."

Translation:Pluvas konstante en novembro en nia lando.

August 21, 2015



en novembro ? Another Anglicism? Why not dum? en just doesn't seem logical…


Aren't prepositions hard. As an English speaker, "during" would be appropriate but, as the old hymn goes: "dwellers all in space and time" so, since we now have a concept of spacetime "in" should also appropriate in any modern language. By modern, I mean anything in use after the General Theory of Relativity was postulated. ;-)

English has used "in" for "within" a period of time for a long time and again that seems fairly logical.


Cxu "pluvadas" ne tauxgas cxi tie?


Laŭ mi ĝi taŭgas.

[deactivated user]

    Could you say something like "pluvas konstante novembre nialande"?

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